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The Black Sea Scrolls

24 May 1973
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the brief: I moved to Hollywood, CA in 2000 (yes not just Los Angeles but right in the heart of Hollywood).

I've worked on several smaller/indie/student works as an Art Director, Production Designer, Writer and a few misc. positions.

These days spend a lot of time making video on youtube
Check them out here

I used to do an online daily comic strip

and I'm senior editor of .

one of my biggest credos "You are what you surround yourself with". I try to surround myself with good people, creative people who are always working on something new.

2002 I found myself doing background (or Extra work) on the Drew Carey show (look for me in the office scenes).

for more about me visit samproof.TV.

Poetry: I have to start with, "I hate poetry". This is why I do it. This is why I have a site for it. This is why I try to find the utter amazement of life every waking second, why I try so hard to rise above "what is".

People sit down at a desk take out a piece of paper, turn on a computer and let their mind flow for ten minutes and ink flows, white becomes black, pixels pixilated... This is not the creation of art. These are not poems. Writers must be editors. Editors must be critical. Art must be analyzed (by it's creator as much as it's appreciator).

If you can understand this, you understand why I hate "poetry" or rather the instant coffee world of wanna be beat, slammified, Hallmark card cookie cutter poets that have littered the web with their remnants of mind dribbles.

At http://dash30dash.com we try hard to find poetry that is deliberate. Poetry that shares more then a clever visual assault, more then a working rhyme scheme... poetry that shows more then one emotion, and finally poetry that tells a story.

We recently added a poetry Forum for new members to share their thoughts and poetry. Please feel free to join up, post your poetry, list your local events or challenge our members to a riddle. It's a new board and the early members will help set the tone for the future, so please join and check in frequently.